How to Connect to Shopify

1. Log into your Shopify Admin Dashboard at https://{yoursite}

Shopify 1

2. On the left hand side menu, click on Apps.

Shopify 2

3. Scroll down until you see Manage Private Apps

Shopify 3

4. Create a new Private App

Shopify 4

5. Enter the following details for your app.

Private app name: Exportly

Emergency developer email: Enter Your Email Address

Shopify 5-1
5. Copy the API Key and Password, you will need to enter these into Exportly. Shopify 5-2

6. For the "Admin API permissions" make sure the following permissions are set with Read/Write.

Products, variants and collections

Shopify 5-4

7. For the webhook version, select 2019-10 (Latest)

Shopify 5-4

8. Save the Shopify App.

9. In the Exportly dashboard, enter the following API details from Shopify.

Shopify Domain: https://{yoursite}

API User: {Admin API Key}

API Password: {Admin API Password}

You can use the Test Authentication to ensure everything is set up properly.

Exportly 1